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Software for You

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Stanford makes many software applications available for your course work, research, and productivity.

Find a specific software application 

If you know the name of the software application you want, enter the name in the box and activate the Search button.

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Use virtual/remote access

Learning Technologies & Spaces provides remote access to many in-demand software applications through Academic Virtual Cloud Desktop.

Install on your personal computer

Stanford offers software for installation on your personal computer. In some cases, the software is free of charge for academic use. In other cases, the software must be purchased at an educational discount. The links below include both free and paid offerings.

Note: The resources listed may link to each other.

Software Licensing Webstore 
Select the Free Academic Software option in the top menu and then the software application you would like, or search for a specific application.

Software at Stanford 
Search for the name of the product you want, or browse using the drop-down menu.

Essential Stanford Software 
To see what’s available, select the platform and category of software you are interested in.

Use desktop computer clusters

Learning Technologies & Spaces provides direct and remote access to macOS and Windows OS software on desktop computers located in clusters across campus. Clusters are in or near all residences and in most libraries. Find computers, and see a list of available software.


Contact Student Technical Support, let them know what you’re looking for, and they’ll do their best to help.